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Other items on Beacon Hill’s agenda for the next 6 months: gun violence, the sex-offender registry, and updates to our aging water infrastructure. What would you put on the agenda?
Happy New Year!
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We wonder: would you pay higher income taxes?
This year, Boston Pipeline will be focusing on educating our members about the local policy-making process, especially at the Massachusetts Statehouse, aka “Beacon Hill. “ Two major items on Beacon Hill’s agenda: a long-term transportation financing plan and an income tax proposal from the Governor.

According to the most recent financial statement, the MBTA holds $6,327,822,000 worth of long term debt, which has to be paid while maintaining current costs, train maintenance, and station updates. (Imagine you have to make monthly interest payments on your student loans, plus cover your regular living expenses, without earning enough money at your job to cover these expenses. In a nutshell, that’s what the Department of Transportation is facing.) Thus, the need to come up with a financing plan.

It’s likely that Governor Patrick will propose an income tax increase to pay for long-term transportation reform, along with investments in higher education and other public services.

The current income tax rate is 5%, with a generous deduction for low-income earners. We wonder: would you pay higher income taxes? Tell us and we’ll feature your responses.

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