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Pipeline member Jamie Minton’s, Homes for Families, is seeking nominations of individuals, businesses or organizations that prevent and address the root causes of homelessness. They are hosting an event on October 28 that will honor those nominated leaders and start a dialog with businesses and individuals who support the end of homelessness.

Jamie could use your ideas for nominations — use this form to nominate someone and send to Jamie by October 7th!

Hope everyone is enjoying a splendid start to fall!

It was a busy political September in the Greater Boston area. Here’s what we have been involved in, and what’s coming in the weeks ahead:

We asked, the candidates answered — Somerville members in Ward 3 and Ward 5 entered a dialog with candidates for Alderman via a written questionnaire. Dynamic policy ideas — such as raising the minimum wage and instituting a collaborative arson response team — are evident in the answers from Suzanne Bremer, Courtney O’Keefe, Stephen Delani and Matt Desmond.

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Did you vote on September 24th? Not everyone in the Pipeline network lives in a neighborhood that held an election. That being said, Boston had only 30.5% turnout, according to unofficial numbers. In Alex’s ward in Somerville, only 22 votes separated the third place finisher from second place and a chance at the general election. Talk about close but no cigar. In the long term, Pipeline hopes to increase voter turnout, especially among the generation sometimes labeled as ‘millennials.’

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Speaking of the Mayor… Congrats to Friend of Pipeline Eric Chast, Finance Director for John Connolly! Best of luck in the general election.

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Members Meeting — Pipeline members are gathering this month to select projects for the next quarter. Interested in getting in on these conversations and becoming a member? You should click here!

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