Roosevelt Network: thank you! Plus, service opportunity.

Service Opportunity: Canvass for Health Care Enrollment with Health Care for All

Get past the pundits and help save a person’s life.

What: Knock on doors in Lynn to help residents sign up for health insurance
When: Saturday, January 18, 2014, 8:30am – 3:00pm
Where: Lynn, MA. Transportation will be provided.
Why: Even with our success, many in Massachusetts still lack health insurance. It’s estimated that 80% of those people are unaware that they qualify for subsidies. Pipeline is partnering with Health Care for All to engage the community in Lynn around health care enrollment options and procedures.

Meet Core Network Members

Erik Pekkala
Since graduating from Hofstra University with a bachelor’s degree in TV Production and Political Science in 2008, I have been deeply interested in understanding and thinking up solutions for economic, political and societal issues. I want to use my personal experience as a campaign volunteer and local political committee member, as well as my professional experience as a business analyst, to find and try out solutions to important problems facing our towns, cities, states and nation as a whole.

Brian Ramsey
As a 2nd year Master of Public Policy student at the Heller School at Brandeis I’m interested in youth development, workforce investment, local economies and criminal justice reform. I just recently finished an internship at the Boston Foundation, and in 2012 I completed Peace Corps service in Malawi where I worked with local schools, an HIV support group and helped organize a girls empowerment camp for Malawian high school students.

Want to get involved? Email us to talk about membership options!

Thank you for an incredible 2013! Building an organization in our spare time is not easy — but it is possible with a dedicated network like ours. We are proud to highlight all our work over the past year.

    Jim Roosevelt Reduced Size

  • In August you attended the “State of the New Deal event.” It was clear in our discussion that we view the federal government differently than our grandparents. Yet it is the “only organization that can scale ideas throughout the country.” We even had a cameo from FDR’s grandson, Jim Roosevelt! Read the substantive summary on the Next New Deal blog.
  • We partnered with Public Citizen, the ACLU, SEIU, New Leaders Council, the NAACP, and New Organizing Institute for RootsCampMA, a 2-day progressive “unconference” in April. See pictures and lessons learned by clicking here.
  • We hosted our “Save the Leftovers” event in February and learned about food waste management via a new composting social enterprise called Bootstrap Compost. Plus, we ate at the Haley House, a restaurant and workforce development initiative for formerly incarcerated individuals all in one.

    Here is core Member Gavin O’Brien learning about the benefits of soil:

  • Core team member Gavin O'Brien inspects dirt derived from household compost
    Core team member Gavin O’Brien inspects dirt derived from household compost
  • Our Network also compiled fact sheets and tool kits about Massachusetts food waste policy, Article 89 (urban agriculture zoning in Boston), and facilitated Q&A exchanges with candidates for several Somerville ward aldermen.

For 2014, we are already looking forward to great things: our canvassing event on January 18th (SEE LEFT, RSVP today!); a national strategic leadership conference in January and a membership retreat in March; and expanding partnerships with MassVOTE, Health Care for All, and more.

Thanks as always for being part of the Network. See you soon around the neighborhood!

Jeanne Tilley and Alex Lessin