Thank you for attending the first housing policy workshop

Thanks to all who joined us for the first step in our grand public policy experiment!

2014.02.19 - Housing Policy Workshop #1 - Tim Reardon

With your participation, we kicked off our housing policy workshop with an excellent overview and substantive conversation led by Tim Reardon from the Metropolitan Area Planning Council. Among other things, we learned about the demographic trends that show a need for more housing units, and with them, a larger labor force.

Many thanks to Tim for the comprehensive presentation. In our monthly update, we’ll include pithy notes and links to the data we reviewed during the evening. For a teaser: get to know CLURPA , it’s wicked important. (And people wonder why policy isn’t more accessible.)

2014.02.19 - Housing Policy Workshop #1 - Round Table

As we discussed last night, the next step in our experiment is for you to send over the names of 2-3 people in your network — folks that we could invite as experts or advisers to help with our housing policy research in the coming weeks — to

Our next workshop is Wednesday, March 19th. And to make things simple, we’ll hold all workshops on the third Wednesday of the month.

Can’t wait to see you next!

Fondly, your Greater Boston City Network’s Core Team:
Alex, Jeanne, Gavin, Erik, Jarred and Eric

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