About Us

What is Roosevelt Institute @ Boston?

It’s no secret that America’s largest eligible voting demographic is also its most silent. Boston is not immune to the subtle but dramatic shift nationwide, wherein young people are increasingly turning away from politics and government as a vehicle for creating and sustaining social change. Technology and a declining faith in institutions are contributing to a rapidly changing landscape.

Roosevelt @ Boston is invested in adapting civic infrastructure to the 21st century. Successful grassroots efforts are carried forward by passion, but they are steered by capable, informed leaders, and it is the goal of Roosevelt @ Boston to bridge the gap between passion and leadership. By focusing on networked approaches and collective problem-solving to issues that are important to the residents of the Boston metropolitan area, Roosevelt Boston seeks to foment policy innovation and empower people to bring that innovation to the finish line.

Roosevelt @ Boston has a series of small successes in the form of meetings with experts and influencers such as members of the Metropolitan Area Planning Council and the Massachusetts State Department of Housing and Community Development. Moreover, a policy paper has been published every year since its founding. Roosevelt @ Boston is on track to increase engagement with the community – via partnership with local groups and growth of membership.



How can I join?

There are three easy ways to become a member:

  1. Attend at least three of our events within a calendar year;
  2. Pay the annual membership due of $25;
  3. Host an event.

Members have early access to publications as well as a say in the direction of the exploration of policy undertaken by Roosevelt @ Boston. They also have the opportunity to exercise leadership, direct committees, and become part of the extensive network of activists and political actors in Boston.