Come see Lincoln with Pipeline!

2012 - Picture - Elizabeth Warren Forum
From the Archives: Elizabeth Warren
Congratulations to Senator Warren, the newest junior senator from Massachusetts! The Roosevelt Institute network has long been a fan of her work, and we thought it would be fun to share this Next New Deal interview from 2009 about the particular effects on women of bankruptcy. Bankruptcy is an ongoing issue and we are excited to watch her fight for families both in Massachusetts and across the country.
Join us at the movies!
Now that the nation is finished reelecting the president, join us to celebrate one of the great presidents of history. We are seeing Lincoln on Saturday, December 1! The movie will be in wide release this weekend, so time remains TBD – but plan on 2pm. After the show we hope you’ll stick around for drinks and vibrant discussion of the movie and, as always, pressing policy issues!

Roosevelt Rising: Pipeline Leadership Conference
Your fearless leaders Alex Lessin and Jeanne Tilley headed to Franklin Roosevelt’s family home in Hyde Park, NY, to attend a conference with other Pipeline leaders. The Greater Boston Pipeline crew led a training session about building and strengthening partnerships and gained a ton of great ideas from the eight other Pipeline cities that attended from around the country. We are excited to share new programming with you in the coming months! Keep your eyes here for all the latest, and check our Facebook page for a few photos of the conference!

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Happy Thanksgiving!
For those of you who are traveling next week for Thanksgiving, best wishes for everything to go safely and smoothly. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

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The point of history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity- or it will move apart.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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