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Prepare to VOTE
There are incredibly important votes happening on November 6 (You better be registered! Do you know where your polling place is?). Of course we have Obama v. Romney and Warren v. Brown…but have you read the language for the 3 state-wide ballot questions yet? Do it now and make an informed decision! Don’t forget to find out what’s up for vote in your district, like Somerville’s vote on the Community Preservation Act or Cambridge’s non-binding initiatives!
Ongoing- Homelessness Crisis
Thanks to new eligibility requirements from the Department of Housing and Community Development, families in need of emergency assistance (EA) are increasingly not getting the help they need. There is a real human cost to these new rules- from families inundating emergency rooms for shelter to predatory men offering a place to sleep with a high cost. Read this summary for more information, and make your voice heard!

What: Public Hearing on Regulation Changes
When: Thursday, October 25, 10:00 am
Where: Gardner Auditorium at the State House
Why: “The changes in eligibility are a direct result of the Commonwealth lacking capacity for homeless families. As of Sept 5, 2012 there are 1776 families living in motels, while there are supposed to be only 1600 rooms available. This does not count the families living in traditional shelters or at scattered sites. The consequences of these restrictions are dire.” – Letter from Pipeline member Jamie Minton, outlining the crisis. Please read the full text!


Please contact Jamie Minton for more information the hearing and how you can help make a difference!

Election Protection Volunteer with MassVOTE
Can you help out on Election Day as an Election Protection Volunteer? You’ll be part of an elite group of concerned citizens present at the polls to protect the right to vote. With our partners at Common Cause, the the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights, MassVOTE, the ACLU, and the League of Women Voters, they’ll make sure you get the training you need to ensure every voter can vote in an atmosphere of respect, and that every vote is counted accurately.

Sign up NOW to be an Election Protection Volunteer for all of part of the day on Tuesday, November 6!

Debate Season!
Hopefully everyone is settled in for the debate tonight…but if you want to watch with great company, check out what our friends at RoxVote Coalition are doing!

For reactions during & after the debates, make sure you’re plugged into our networks…and don’t forget that debate season doesn’t end tonight! Warren v. Brown meet again next Monday!

As always, email, Facebook, or Tweet at us any time. See you soon around the neighborhood!

The point of history at which we stand is full of promise and danger. The world will either move forward toward unity and widely shared prosperity- or it will move apart.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

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