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2012 - Picture - Elizabeth Warren Forum

Pipeline in the Community
One of our members stopped by a community forum with Elizabeth Warren last week at Roxbury Community College. Much of what Warren said dealt with issues of improving civic participation and activism among youth in public schools, urban community centers and community colleges. She believes this engagement is crucial to the kind of education our young people need to move our economy and our country forward.

What do you think, Pipeline? Does that message grab you? Tell us how you read it, and your thoughts on the rest of the #MASenDebates!

Debate Season
Hopefully everyone is coming off tonight’s MA Senate Debate fired up and ready for more! If you missed tonight’s live-tweeting, no worries: your next opportunity to engage with Pipeline over a debate is this Wednesday when our presidential candidates square off at 9pm EST.

We here at Pipeline understand the value of grabbing a drink while experiencing these debates, and so we are scouting out bars where we can watch together! The trick: finding somewhere with good sound. As of this evening, we have several options for a viewing party. Please take advantage of any (all?) of these opportunities! If we get more information about the excellent audio or lack thereof we will let you know asap!

Meanwhile: do you have opinions? Do you like articulating them? Shoot us an email if this seems like you. Pipeline is looking for someone to do a rapid-response analysis of the debates!

The upcoming Presidential debates are: October 11 (VP), 16 and 22. More details here. MA Senate debates are: Oct 10 and 30. Stay tuned for opportunities to watch and discuss with Pipeline!

Don’t forget that The Rumble is Saturday, October 6th at 8pm!

As always, email, Facebook, or Tweet at us any time. See you soon around the neighborhood!

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