Following Up from #RewriteTheRules

On behalf of the entire Roosevelt family, we want to thank you for helping to #RewriteTheRules on Tuesday! It was a pleasure seeing familiar faces and meeting folks for the first time.

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In case you missed it, here’s what we learned:

Nathan Rothstein, president of Project Repat, urged us to consider, “Who decides what is a good company?”

BC Law Professor Kent Greenfield taught us about N. Orange Street in Wilmington, DE, home to the registered agent of hundreds of major corporations, including Google and General Motors. This allows corporations to follow Delaware’s lenient governance rules wherever they operate.

And we learned the framework in the report Rewriting the Rules of the American Economy from Nell Abernathy, co-writer of the report and Director of Programs at the Roosevelt Institute. Nell shared with us data from the past 40+ years, which shows “trickle-down” economics pushes capital to the top without bringing growth to the middle class. The report (find it here: presents a menu of policy options to grow the economy and the middle class at the same time.

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Special thanks to Greater Boston Policy Initiative, for spreading the word; to Lir, for being great hosts; to City Awake; and to everyone who came out!

Have a wonderful weekend.

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