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2012.08.28 - Fireside Chat - Education and Opportunity

Fireside Chat: Recap
Pipeline gathered on Tuesday, August 28, to dive into our inaugural Fireside Chat: Education and Opportunity. Our wide-ranging conversation explored 3 main areas: the purpose of education; the role of community in funding and guiding education; and the role of administrator and educator autonomy in education practice. We determined that we all have more to say and more research to do- we are actively seeking education experts around the city. Email us at if you know someone we should talk to!

Thanks to Project Repat for the meeting space! Don’t know Project Repat yet? Check out their amazing work and mission now!

This week!
For the next stop in our Neighborhood Exploration series, we’d like to invite you to join us for dinner in Cambridge!

When: Thursday, September 13, 7:30pm
Where: Andala, Central Square
Why: Because their website says “At Andala you will find science, history, art and politics discussed in many languages at any time of the day” and Pipeline is all about joining the conversation!

Please reply to this email or RSVP directly to so we know to save you a seat! You can also check out our Facebook page for upcoming event information.

Debate Season!
We are preparing now for the Obama – Romney debates. Mark your calendars for Wednesday October 3 at 9pm!

Pipeline will be hosting events for all debates in the run up to the elections this November. Join us to watch closely and debate the policies behind the soundbites! Location on the first debate is TBA: give us a shout if you have a great idea of where to watch!

As always, email, Facebook, or Tweet at us any time. See you soon around the neighborhood!

A typical vice of American politics is the avoidance of saying anything real on real issues.

Theodore Roosevelt

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