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We hope you like this new easy to read format of our monthly news! After a productive retreat and strategy session in January we have two exciting announcements for you all.

We at the Roosevelt Institute | Greater Boston Pipeline invite you to join the first of our monthly public policy workshops! Come try your hand at solving a grand public policy problem.

As many of us decide where to continue our careers, we are faced with the following dilemma:

Housing in Massachusetts is too expensive.

You’ll hear from experts across the housing industry in Boston and then participate in a crowd-sourcing, public policy experiment to solve this problem.

Event Details
When: Wednesday, February 19, 6:00-8:30pm
Where: Boston Public Library, Johnson Conference Room 2
RSVP today!

Our guest speakers will be addressing the current state of housing in the Greater Boston area and what makes Massachusetts the last in the nation in home ownership. Hosted by the Roosevelt Institute, a think tank, our members and guests will spend the next six months debating the issues and coming up with a public policy solution.

We hope you will join us for this important challenge. We could use you!

2014 - Logo - Next New Deal

Pipeline Members Featured on National Blog

The blog of the Roosevelt Institute, the Next New Deal, solicited Pipeline voices in response to the State of the Union address earlier this week. Erik Pekkala, part of the Boston Pipeline Core Team, shared his thoughts on the blog- check it out here!

If you are interested in writing for us in the future, please email us (mailto:boston_pipeline@rooseveltinstitute.org) .

See you soon around the neighborhood!

– Your Greater Boston City Network’s Core Team:
Alex, Jeanne, Gavin, Eric, Jarred and Erik

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