Why I Founded This

Years ago now Jeanne and I had dinner with other alumni of campus network chapters and were approached to found the “Greater Boston Pipeline.” There were months where it was only the two of us. There were times when our focus was on networking, field trips, or fireside chats. Having been here from the beginning, and having been able to pass off the reigns to a core team that’s stronger than ever is a dream come true.

While I’m no longer the lead facilitator, I’m still a core team member working whenever possible to continue the growth we’ve seen in the last year. Founding something like this means it’s a piece of you, and no matter how far away or how much time passes you’re always invested in its success.

Don’t take my word alone.

It’s hard to ask your friends to invest in something you’ve created, and I promise we won’t do it often. Our organization is at a major turning point. And just as Jeanne and I once took a leap together, we’re now asking you to take this next leap with us.

Please consider a contribution of any size in the last days of our campaign.

I’m forever grateful for what we’ve accomplished together.

Alex Lessin
Founder & Core Team Member
Roosevelt Institute | Boston

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